About Me

Started racing when I was 16 years old, didn't have enough money to run with the faster guys on the street at the time.

Took a few years off and put together a nice engine with the help of Ron sharp at advanced airflow engineering.

Put the car together with used parts that I could get with the little money I had at the time.

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The Car

Decided to build a new car the winter of 2003 and took the old car apart and dropped the new coupe off at P.R.E. for a 10pt cage.

Since the old car only had a 6pt and we would get throw out of every track in the Michigan area for being too fast.

While P.R.E. had the car I was acquiring other parts for a new motor build.

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The Plans

This year our main goal is to run the full series of x275 drag radial at Milan drag way.

It will be our first time out with a radial on the car, but with the help of P.R.E. and the rest of our team we feel we can compete and possibly run with the best in the class.

It will take a lot of work, a lot of hours testing, a lot of money, but we will succeed in the end.

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Track Racing

Went out with the car first time with the help of P.R.E. had the car running well and was one of the fastest nitrous sb cars in the Detroit area.

We won a lot of races with the car and had the smallest engine of most of the competitors that were racing at the time.

We did very well only losing a handful of races and those were only from mechanical failures or running into problems during the race.

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Driver & Crew

Owner & driver: John Kramer (Johnny Quick)

Crew: Jacqueline Kierschke, Johnny Haudek, Rich McCarren, and many more friends.

Paint & body: Bryce from Extreme Customs.

I can not list all that have helped on this car, but big thanks goes to all of them.

Schedule for events: We will be running all of the Holbrook shootout series events this year.

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Huge thanks to our sponsors, without the help of you it would be very hard to accomplish our goals throughout the years.

P.R.E. Pro Racecraft Engineering for all the help with tuning of the suspension, roll cage and fabrication of all types.

Without the help from you this car would not be what it is today.

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