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The Car

Decided to build a new car the winter of 2003 and took the old car apart and dropped the new coupe off at P.R.E. for a 10pt cage.

Since the old car only had a 6pt and we would get throw out of every track in the Michigan area for being too fast. While P.R.E. had the car I was acquiring other parts for a new motor build.

During the winter I was in Florida and when I got back I found out somebody had broken into my garage and stole my engine off the engine stand. That one hurt and took awhile to get back on my feet.

2 years later ended up finding the motor and got it back exact same way it was when it was taken. Got the itch to go racing again after that sent the car to Bryce at extreme customs and he did a ton of work to make the car look good again.

After many hours of sanding, making patch panels, block sanding some more he was able to make it straight and put some very nice paint on it.

When I got the car back from Bryce, I started assembling it right away with the help of my girlfriend Jacqueline Kierschke, she painted the whole underside, cage, and trunk area by hand with chassis saver.

At this time I assembled the motor with new cylinder heads and a new intake with a 2 foggers on it. Wired the whole car, put carpet, plumbed fuel system, put front and rear suspension on it, hung all the panels, doors, hood and had the car running about a month after it came from paint.

Owner & driver: John Kramer (Johnny Quick)

Crew: Jacqueline Kierschke, Johnny Haudek, Rich McCarren, and many more friends.

Sponsors: Detroit Racing, P.R.E. Pro Racecraft Engineering, Diamond Pistons, Richard Auto Parts, Vortex Converters, Platinum Skin Care and Reiter's Metalcraft

Body & Paint: Bryce from Extreme Customs

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