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This year our main goal is to run the full series of x275 drag radial at Milan drag way. It will be our first time out with a radial on the car, but with the help of P.R.E. and the rest of our team we feel we can compete and possibly run with the best in the class.

It will take a lot of work, a lot of hours testing, a lot of money, but we will succeed in the end. When we start to get the car right and making passes we are going to travel to various races around the country and do our best to make our sponsors proud and win races.

We will also settle up and do our fair share of grudge racing, but x275 is the number one goal for 2011 and the championship is what we are focused on and will do whatever it takes to take the championship home, 2nd place sucks and we will not settle for that.

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