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Huge thanks to our sponsors, without the help of you it would be very hard to accomplish our goals throughout the years.

P.R.E. Proracecraft Engineering for all the help with tuning of the suspension, roll cage and fabrication of all types. without the help from you this car would not be what it is today.

Diamond Pistons, thanks for all the help with the latest in piston technology, customer support and fast service.

Vortex converters, with the help and patience of mike ridings we have a bulletproof transmission and converter that works better than any other I have tried, if we need to make a change he always helps out and turn around time is very fast when we need it the most.

Richard Auto Parts, they are always there for us when we need it, weather it be oil or trans fluid, spark plugs, etc. they will do what it takes to get us our parts at any time of the night and we thank you for all the help.

We also like to thank our other sponsors, Detroit racing, Platinum Skincare, Reiters Metalcraft, thank you for the services and help you give our race team, it is very appreciated.

We are always looking for more sponsors, not looking to get greedy but with the amount of money it takes for maintenance, fuel cost, track fees, and updating parts it is an extremely expensive hobby and any help we can get will be extremely appreciated. We are not looking to get rich and that is not what we do it for.

Its a love for the sport, the competition, the family, the fans, the friends and most of all the love of heads-up drag racing.

Sponsors: Detroit Racing, P.R.E. Pro Racecraft Engineering, Diamond Pistons, Richard Auto Parts, Vortex Converters, Platinum Skin Care and Reiter's Metalcraft

Body & Paint: Bryce from Extreme Customs

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