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Track Racing

Went out with the car first time with the help of P.R.E. had the car running well and was one of the fastest nitrous sb cars in the Detroit area.

We won a lot of races with the car and had the smallest engine of most of the competitors that were racing at the time. We did very well only losing a handful of races and those were only from mechanical failures or running into problems during the race.

We have had our bad luck and we have had our good luck. but we always come out on top in the end no matter what it took, how many hours we had to work, how many parts we needed to win races. Was never beat, because of lack of horsepower. Losing sucks and I don't want no part of losing at anything. That is not acceptable by any of the team.

It doesn't matter what it takes to win, how much nitrous we have to spray, how hard we have to get on the tune-up. It is for sure that when we race we give it our all at all times and will continue until we are through with racing.

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